Is It Lack of Thought, or Just Plain Ignorance? 

Is It Lack of Thought, or Just Plain Ignorance?

The Associated Press has a [link=]story[/link] out on the gun ban that is set to sunset on Monday. The lack of thought and ignorance become apparent through the use of emotion. Emotion generally clouds rational thought. It's no wonder that most crimes are crimes of passion. When people get emotional they become irrational, and think less. In the case of anti-gun politics, it's no less apparent.

First example in the story is a shooting in San Francisco, Dianne Feinstein is quoted as saying "That building is one of the great economic citadels in the city, and you see this prestigious law firm. And then ? boom. Someone comes in, aggrieved, and goes right through the place." Now it's natural to be emotional and upset of such an incident, but will preventing law-abiding citizens from buying guns help? What if the people in that law firm had guns? Would this still have taken place?

The article then goes on to describe "loopholes," and goes on to quote Feinstein as saying "the bill's not perfect." No, it's not the bill. It's the fact that the emotion, though running at the time was not enough for a complete ban of all weapons. Had it been a ban of all weapons, we could then find ourselves with many new positions opening up in the legislature. You know why? Because, those people would have been voted out of office.

Associated Press also states that Feinstein has accused President Bush of staying silent on the gun ban issue, because he wants the backing of the NRA. Damn right he does. The NRA represent many US voters, who will most likely be voting to keep their rights, and not give them up to an oppresive government.

Reuters quotes John Kerry as saying "President Bush's failure to fight for a renewal of a ban on assualt weapons would make it easier for groups like al Qaeda to get the lethal guns." What a joke. Almost all the guns sold in the US are not of the type in the ban. In fact, most of those guns outlawed in the ban are never used for crime, and account for less than 1% of crimes with a firearm. Sounds like Kerry is trying to tug at your emotional senstivities of the terrorist attacks on this country. It's too bad that so few people realize that all Kerry will do is pull troops out of the Middle East and hope US citizens forget about 9/11, and the threat of future terrorist attacks. What do you think Clinton did after the WTC bombing in the early nineties? He hoped people would forget and it seems most people did until 2001.

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