Swift Boat Veterans for Truth 

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

At lot has been said over the SBVT, and whether or not Kerry deserved the medals he got. It seems Kerry only served for 4 months in Vietnam. During which time he supposedly earns 5 medals. He later returns the US and begins his anti-war activities. First off, I can see where many vets would be upset over the anti-war activities. Those activities made it unbearable for many veterans to return and live their life. Now to the fact of whether or not John Kerry's boat was underfire and did he deserve the medals. It seems many vets that were there claim he didn't deserve, also a few claim he did. We may never know the truth.

The things that interests me is the media's tactics in trying to claim that Bush is behind the SBVT. Take the following recent article for example: AP article. The article starts ot by noting that two of the vets involved in the SBVT were appointed to a VA advisory board by Bush trying to insinuate the impropriety on the part of Bush. In other words, that he traded an appointment for this favor. This of course couldn't be the case since those appointments happened before anyone know Kerry would be the Democrats nominee. Secondly, Galanti was appointed to the same adivsory panel many years ago under Bush Sr. Next, they find a contributor to SBVT who also contributed to the Bush campaign. Consider the chances of that. Obviously 100%. Most political contributors, contribute to many different political activities, and there are thousands of these people. Finding a match is inevitable and means nothing. They then proceed to note that some of people that belong to the SBVT didn't serve when Kerry did. So what? They never all claimed to. They just stand behind there fellow vets who do. And lastly, they pull a quote from one of the vets that didn't serve when Kerry did "John Kerry betrayed the men and women he served with in Vietnam." At least they state the obvious that he was referring to Kerry's anti-war activities. Read the quote again, and you will most certainly agree.

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