NBC Coverage of the Republican Convention 

NBC Coverage of the Republican Convention

It never ceases to surprise me, but it certainly seemed that Dan Rather was almost upset at having to cover the Republican convention. Last night after Laura Bush's speech, he couldn't help himself. He just had to rant about how he felt things looked (with his liberal bias), rather than sum up the speech highlights. He and his female cohort then proceed to mention the democrats in every other sentence. But if you think about it, when has the news ever not been biased? When the printing presses first started to deliver newspapers, even then they came out with what is known as "yellow journalism" and it continues to this day. Of course today, the goal along with being political is to make money. So, there is no wonder than Dan can't sit there and be objective. He has no intention of being objective. Fortunately, their are other avenues of coverage.

I for one thought that Laura Bush made a strong point that the country of Afghanistan is a better place. We as Americans are so used to our freedoms, that we take them for granted. Many of us have forgotten what it took to get here. The American Revolution was only the start. We had yet to abolish slavery and give women voting rights. In countries like Afghanistan, women weren't even allowed to attend school let alone vote. Now the country is going to hold an election with hundreds of thousands of women voters. How can that be worth nothing? I can't say I agree with Bush on everything, far from it. But, Laura Bush's speech last night deserved better than Dan Rather's shameless attempt at editorializing her content. But with the advent of the Internet, hopefully the days of the Dan are coming to an end.

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